Pool Repair

We do all types of minor pool repair to help keep your pool working its best.  From tile repair to pumps and filters we’ve got you covered.

Swimming pool repair

We provide affordable pool repair in Temecula and surrounding areas.

The Southern California environment is tough on swimming pools.  From dust and wind to the relentless sunshine your pool takes a beating.  Occasionally the physical structure and supporting systems need a little love.  That’s where we come in.  Our pool repair services provide the preventative maintenance to help tackle small problems before they become big ones.

Swimming pools are constructed of gunite which is a very durable form of concrete, and covered in plaster and tile to provide a finished look.  Most of the repair issues that arise involve minor cosmetic items like tile, mastic and plaster touch up.  We can provide affordable repair services for most issues that affect commercial and residential pools.

Overall pool health depends on the right chemical composition and the correct flow rate of water through the filtration system.  This is powered by your pool pump.  Pool pumps are the workhorse of the pool system and require regular maintenance.  We can help navigate common pump problems that arise from leaky plumbing, worn out o-rings, bad valves  and other maintenance issues that create cavitation and prevent proper pump priming.

We also service and repair all types of pool filters including DE, sand and cartridge filters.  Whether you need simple backwashing services or new cartridges we can help keep your pool filter system in peak operating order.


Our Repair Process

We make every effort to repair the individual parts of your pool systems rather than unnecessarily replacing costly components.  Look to us for pool repair in Temecula and surrounding areas.

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Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.  We’re happy to have a look and provide a written estimate for your pool repair needs.

How many years should a pool pump last?

Most pool pumps will last around 10 -12 years before needing to be replaced.  With proper maintennance some pumps may last even longer.

What does backwashing do for a pool filter?

Backwashing involves reversing the flow of water through the filtration system to thoroughly clean the pool filter.

Why do I need to replace the entire pool light fixture?

Once the light fixture develops a leak replacing the light bulb is a temporary fix.  Moisture entering the fixture means the bulb won’t last and the entire fixture will need to be replaced for safe operation.

Why isn't my pool vacuum moving?

The most often cause for a malfunctioning pool vacuum is either because air is getting into the vacuum hose or into the suction side of the pool pump.  The presence of air in the lines is preventing the system from drawing water as it should.

Do you provide a written estimate for repair work?

Yes, we provide a written estimate for all repair services so that you know exactly how much we’ll charge and what we’ll do.

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